About us

What we stand for

Our overriding concern is the financial health of vending and the turnover of our customers: the operators.

Our contacts of many years’ standing at global level, customers as well as manufacturers, provide us with the essential experience.

Originality, flexibility, the follow-up of all trends and our own product development are our core business.

A bit of family history

In 1952, Gerard Linssens entered employment at Ets Charlier, where he lost no time in applying for a position in the vending department. In the 1960s, he started up a branch in Düsseldorf and in the mid-1970s he took on the management of the branch in Paris, turning it into the market leader. In the 1990s, he handed on the torch to others.

In 1955, Gerard persuaded his German brother-in-law, Fritz Stahlberg, to enter this sector as well, which he did with much success. When Fritz sold his company to 5 of his employees, he was the owner of the largest vending operation in Germany, with almost 40.000 machines.

In 1965, after insisting, Tom Linssens finally got the chance to go out “on the road” during the holidays as an assistant to one of the most trusted employees of Uncle Fritz’s company. It was at that time that Tom caught the vending bug, and he became very closely and passionately involved in vending.

First for several years as a student working at his uncle’s company, then 17 years with Brabo and since 1991, business manager of Gamaco.

In the meantime, there is also a third generation, Steve Linssens and Dave Linssens, who work at Gamaco with great enthusiasm and the same level of passion.